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Please RSVP by calling or visit www. Sunday, April 28, p. Bernardsville, NJ.

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Join Meryl for a lecture, book signing, and a reception. The talk will take place in St. Coming this spring, Sunday afternoons in the mansion house and grounds at Natirar! Meryl and fellow historian Barry Thomson will share the storied history of Natirar and local estate homes in a special three part series. Feel free to select from the following programs:.

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Join Meryl and Barry for a walking tour and inside look at Natirar, enhanced through a lecture about the lives of Kate and Walter Graeme Ladd and their magnificent property. Meryl and Barry will be available for book signings following each event.

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To register call Natirar at or register on-line at www. Wednesday, March 27, noon. Macy and Ladd family photos and memorabilia will be on display to better acquaint you with Kate Macy Ladd and the inspiring story of her life. Sunday, March 31, p.

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Chester Public Library, W. Main St. Chester, NJ.


To register call the Chester Library at A lecture, walking tour, and inside peek at Natirar presented by Meryl and local historian and author Barry Thomson. They will share insights about the Ladds and Natirar and the significance of their magnificent property.

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Stay tuned for further details and ticketing information. F inding K ate. The Unlikely Journey of 20th Century Healthcare Advocate Kate Macy Ladd By Meryl Carmel While the Gilded Age is dominated by figures such as Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Vanderbilt, their wives and daughters often lived behind closed curtains, staying well out of public view everywhere but the society pages.

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These titles represent some of the most influential books that examine politics, economics, and philosophy. Each of these texts had an impact on the way we understand governance. From creating characters and stories that have become foundational elements in cultures around the world to upsetting undesirable standards and inspiring the imagination of many, these works of literature have touched the world in significant ways. These are the most influential books in literature. These are the most influential books in terms of impacting society, texts that helped changed people's views on racism, feminism, consumption, and language.

These works are some of the most influential books because they began or at least represent the beginning of entire movements and schools of thought in the fields of science, math, and geography. These religious texts are some of the most influential books ever written, serving as spiritual and lifestyle guides for countless people around the world.